A carp at sunset

The Weekly Picture : 30

I went out on the water with my fly fishing friend Yusuf Coovadia, on a mid-winters afternoon on the Hartbeerspoort Dam. We used an inflatable boat to get around the dam and we were looking for feeding carp or perhaps shoals of Sharp tooth catfish (Barbel) to target on fly.

Towards sunset, we spotted a few large carp sitting in the shadows, all facing the current and waiting for food to float past. We casted upstream and let the flies drift towards the waiting carp. Jeremy managed to hook this particular fish, the fight lasted close to 30 minutes.

With all the action happening on the boat (both of us were into fish which were making our 6WT’s cry) , our landing net went for a swim and so we had to land the fish by cradling it under our arms and lifting it into the boat. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, and something to keep us occupied in the winter when our usual fishing spots are quiet.

Jeremy has landed other big carp on the Buffalo, Vaal and Orange Rivers in South Africa, but this is probably the biggest one he has got to date.


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  • Tony Grace

    Wow ! That’s fantastic Jimbo!

    • Anne

      Absolutely awesome Jem!!! Well done 🙂 xxx