De Ronde Bleek torpedoes

The Weekly Picture : 13

This is a picture from bellyboat fishing on fishery “De Ronde Bleek”.

There are some very large rainbows overthere. Here I am bending my backup rod, after breaking my #8 weigt at the first cast…

The trick is to find a fly / fishing method that others don’t use to be successful… This time a special streamer on a sinking line, stripping super fast did the trick.

And I landed a BIG rainbow here…( over 70 cm…and realy fat..)


Photo contest information

This is the last picture selected for the january photo contest. The winner will be announced soon.

The february contest is coming !

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    Very Nice pic ! It really is a special kind of water with unbelievable fish in it. I’ve been there on à hot september’s weekend, and caught 13 fish on THE dry fly. They are so strong,always testing tour backing ‘ )

    Well done for finding THE technique !