If you follow us on Facebook, you probably know that we like to share with you the best fly fishing videos we find on the web. Of course we’ll continue to do this, but also on the website now ! Sometimes we will post few videos that we really appreciate.`

Here are some fresh images for your eyes.

1. Of fly rods and freedom

We really enjoyed this video about this guy fishing on the Wyoming rivers ! It gives you a great feeling of freedom experiencing nature like this…
The spots are really nice and the fishes looks good !

2. Oregon Chrome part 2

Perhaps you saw the first part few weeks ago, but we liked this one even more…

These three fly fishermen set out to try winter steelhead fishing in the breathtaking Oregon region. Go ahead, like this !


3. Float tube pike fishing

Autumn is one of the best season for pike and they proved it !


4. Trout Fishing New Zealand – The Remote Experience Zone

This one is really amazing… for many reasons… the place (NZ), the fish and the quality of the movie is just awesome.

And it’s way more unbelievable when you know that this guy was all alone… He did everything himself : fishing, filming, hiking ! This movie is¬†definitely the best one for this first series of must see videos¬† !

A solo mission filmed over 4 days deep in the heart of the Central North Island of New Zealand in a remote trout fishing nirvana. Big Rainbow and Brown Trout in crystal clear wilderness rivers. Given the rugged terrain and remoteness of this spot I could not find anyone else mad enough to go with me. Not knowing how much longer my legs would permit me to go into this special place I documented the journey in and out of the “Remote Experience Zone” on my Canon 5D Mk II. My goal was to bring back some footage to show the essence of this beautiful spot in an effort to try to explain why people feel compelled to experience wilderness places like these.

That’s all for now, we hope you enjoyed this first serie !

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