This is my suggestion for a simple shrimp fly that won’t cost you a fortune in Whiting Spey Hackle.

I typically fish in slow and 3 long strips and pause when it’s cold, but a quick, jerky retrieve has also proven itself effective at times. The Shrimp it can be tied in colors to match the season.

Materials :

Hook TMC200R size 6
Thread UTC 70 White
Mouth part 1 Natural gray Mallard flank feathers
Mouth part 2 Black emu feathers (alternative: black CDC)
Antennae Two stripped stems from blue dun hackle feathers
Eyes Two black mono eyes (store bought or home made)
Body Pink SLF dubbing
Weight A strip of adhesive weight or whatever you normally use for weight
Legs Grizzly feather
Shield Orange Ultra Hair (alternative: Gliss n Glint from Deer Creek)
Shell Diamond Hard UV resin



Step by step :

Step 1
Tie up a thread base to the hook tip.
Step 2
Tie a bunch of mallard feathers down the hook bend. Clip excess off at an angle.
Step 3
Tie a little bunch of black emu/CDC on top of the mallard feathers.
Step 4
Tie in two antennae of stripped hackle, one on each side.
Step 5
Tie a small clump of pink SLF dubbing behind the mouth parts.
Tie the eyes on. The dubbing keeps them separated in a V.
Tie the rest down towards the hook eye. Secure it with varnish.
Step 6
Tie in a grizzly feather, the shiny side facing you.
Step 7
Apply a “lead” strip (Optional)
Step 8
Make a thin dubbing loop of SLF. Dub a body to 3 millimeters from the hook eye.
Step 9
Wrap the grizzly feather in tight turns
Secure the feather and make a half hitch.
Stroke the barbs down on each side.
Cut the back free to make room for a shield.
Step 10
Tie in orange Ultra Hair behind the hook eye. This must be done in two stages the first shortest and the second longer, so that it reaches over the mouth parts.
Step 11
The first bunch of Ultra Hair is kept low between the eyes. Apply resin and cure to secure it.
Step 12
The next set of Ultra Hair is tied in 1 centimeter beyond the eye.
Step 13
Finish with a whip finish.
Build up the shield with resin in several layers. Hold the Ultra Hair tightly down over the first bundle.
Cut the tail. I hold a razor blade between the hook eye and the fibers at an angle and apply a drop of resin and cure.
Trim with scissors and the fly is finished. PS: The tail is optional.
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