Here is a selection of the best fly fishing videos of the moment.

You need motivation to go fishing ?

Watch these videos and I am sure you will leave your desk and go fishing straight away.

1. A deliberate life

The image quality of this trailer is just perfect,
we are waiting for the full movie !

2. ArcticSilver Innovation

This short video is really well done and shows the Free-Flex concept in action. If you want to learn more about this new rod concept, simply watch the following video (3)

3. The innovative Free-Flex concept

I really like the traditional rods with cork handle but I will not pronounce myself on this new concept. It’s probably a good idea but I would try it before saying anything on it.

3. “SuperNatural” – Tailout Teaser

A lot of beautiful scenery’s and wild Steelhead, a very good cocktail for a nice video !

5. The Art of Fly

A short teaser by Helios Aerial that makes me expect a very good video soon !

6. Two of my favorite “Dudes”

In this video, a guide recalls the last days of the season. Discover now these two fly fishing days on the Big Hole River in SW Montana with two of my favourite “Dudes”.

7. Chalk stream

This video just remembers me that I should really go to England to fish these wonderful rivers…

The chalk rivers of southern England are the birth place of modern fly fishing, with messers Halford and Skues paving the way.

8. Jurassic Lake

You have probably heard things about this lake, this video is just a proof that it is not a legend ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
The place is really incredible and the fishes are huge! You can find more information about this lake on the Fly fishing Nation website.

9. Reel

Simply another beautiful trailer of the moment…

โ€œReel: A Day on the River,โ€ is an inspirational film about the tradition and culture of fly-fishing in the East. It highlights the responsibility we have to protect resources like the Upper Delaware River for future generations.

10. Rivers and Roads

This one really inspires me because these guys are sharing the same spirit as us ! I look forward to see the full video!

11. Rodtrip in the Catalan Pyrenees

Just a reminder if you missed our last Rodtrip video !

12. The Hunt for Chrome October

When watching this video, you feel like being on another planet. I really appreciate these wild and lost places !

That is all for now, but we will be back soon with another great collection of fly fishing videos!

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