This fly showed itself irresistible for fish during our Rodtrip in the Catalan Pyrenees in Spain

It’s made to fish in fast pocket water, due to its good floatability and visibility. It’s a parachute version of the famous Jeck Sedge. It’s possible to mount it in different colours and sizes.


Hook standard straight shank hook, size 14, down eye
Tying thread unithread 8/0, black colour
Body natural tan CDC
Wings two duck flank feathers
Parachute hi viz material of your choice, we use a shoe lacelet…
Hackle rusty dun saddle


Step by step

1. Place a size 14 straight shank hook in your vice


2. Wrap black tying thread 8/0 around the hook shank


3. Roll a natural tan cul de canard feather in the palm of your hand.


4. Tie in the CdC feather by the smallest end at the curve of your hook


5. Wrap the feather around the shank, leave 4 mm open to the eye


6. Block the feather with 3-4 turns of your thread


7. Tie in the first flank of duck feather on one side of the hook with two turns of thread and position it. Repeat the same on the other side.


8. Clip off the surplus of the feathers and secure with some wraps of the thread, with a drop of glue.


9. Tie in your parachute base, and turn it untill you have 3-4 mm height


10. Secure the rusty dun hackle


11. Make 6-7 wraps around the parachute base and secure it


12. Clip off the rest of the hackle and make your final knot, securing it with a drop of glue


13. View from above
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