This fly is a realistic pattern tied by Sasa Bencun. A good example if you want start tying this kind of fly…


Hook Size 14
Thread 8/0 textreme
Legs Three pairs of quill
Eyes Mono UV Resin Deer Creek
Body Rokafly body
Tail Hair Badger brown marker
Wings Reel Wings
Body Painted woth brown and yellow marker
Body painted UV Resin Der Creek

Step by step

1. Attach your tying thread and fix two peeled rooster feather crossed.
1. Basic thread fixed to the hook and peeled rooster feather winding cross-fixers.
2. Tie the second pair of peeled rooster feather, cut off the ends of the feather.
3. Wind the thread and attach horizontally the third pair of peeled rooster feathers.
4. Eyes: Mono 0.35 length 3 mm. Apply UV Resin on the ends of the drops and stick it with UV light “Deer Creek” during 2 to 3 seconds.
5. The eyes are ready to set.
6. Tie the eyes in cross, cut off the ends of the feather.
7. Turn your thread around the legs to get an anatomical shape.
8. Wrap the floss on each legs and form a body skeleton.
9. Cut the conical “Rokafly Body” into two halves (not until the end of the body).
10. Before placing the body on the bottom cut the excess to set the body on the hook.
11. Set the horizontal wings, tighten it with your thread.
12. Body is lowered over the wings and catch the end of thorax.
13. Apply brown marker on the body.
14. Apply yellow marker on the body , legs and eyes. Bend the legs (if desired).
15. Apply of UV resin “Deer Creek” on the upper and lower side of the body and on the legs.
16. Hold the Uv Lamp for 2 to 3 seconds.
17. Ephemerella Subvaria is ready to take off !
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