It is already our third videos selection and one more time we have selected for you the best fly fishing videos of the moment.

December was productive and we had a lot of choice, we like this !

1. Only the rivers knows

We really liked this trailer and if you like New Zealand, I am sure that you will love it ! The full movie is already available here.

2. Fly fishing vibes pulaski + hooké

A band of bro, fishing steelhead and salmon. They remind us that friendship is as important as fishing !

3. Muselines zukles pradmenys

A mix on wonderful shots… a pure pleasure for eyes…

5. Steelhead flyfishing

A video pleasant to see !

6. Hopper Madness

A lot of beautiful scenes and landscapes filmed in the southwestern Montana.

7. 2012 fish reel by Montana wild

I really love the videos from Montana Wild and this one goes in the same way ! A great mix of their best shots of 2012… a must see!

8. Cold Reeds

Another teaser for this selection. This one is short but it’s really original and I love the punch of this video ! These guys look really motivated …

9. Hard Core Fly Fishing

Action, fishes, all you need for a great day on water !

10. Fly Fish Guanaja

If you need the fresh air of holidays, watch this video ! Fishing flats in the Caribbean…

11. Casting a voice

“Casting a Voice” is a fly fishing conservation film, using the perspective of anglers to examine the risks facing one of British Columbia’s most precious resources – wild fish.

12. Where do you escape

Two guys on the road for a weekend fishing in Utah.

13. Pure Love

Brown trout fishing in Norway. This short film is simply amazing and full of emotions. The scenes and landscapes remember me my last trip in Norway… what a good souvenir !

14. French Brownies

This is a resume of a fishing season of a band of buddies. Most of the scenes were shot on the Doubs river.

15. 2013 International Fly Fishing Film Festival

Let’s end this serie with a lot of punch ! The trailer of the 2013 International Fly Fishing Film Festival. A nice compilation of  a lot of awesome movies !

And that’s all for this time, don’t forget that you can also send us your own videos for the next selections !

Tight lines !

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