Here is the first collection of videos of 2013 and we have selected for you the best fly fishing videos of this new year.

Take a coffe and enjoy it !

1. Blackwater Devil’s Gold

In the following of Devil’s Gold. They get back in the Bolivian jungle to fish Golden Dorado on a new river called “Blackwater”. Here is a small trailer with a lot of nice scene of fishing actions…

2. Global in Rio Grande

This is really a must see! More than 20 minutes fishing on the Rio Grande… in Argentina… Gorgeous images and of really big fish, what do you want more ?

3. Slow and Steady

Here is a short video that is simply amazing of by his quality ! Like the title says, it is slow but also intense !

4. The Costa Rica Challenge

This is the trailer of the The Costa Rica Challenge film. Tarpon, sail fish, actions… a nice upcoming production ! You should like this !

5. In Our Time – Jensen Fly Fishing

This video is a bit older than the others but if you like big brown trout and New-Zealand, you must watch it! This is one of the destination at the top of my list !

6. The Brothers Brown trailer

It’s a beautiful trailer but I would like to see a bit more… I think we will need to wait the dvd !

7. Enough is Enough

The problems that dams begets on rivers are real. This video has an informational and alarmist purposes about it ! I hope it will help for the futur of our rivers…

8. Urban Lines – Fish Where You Are

Four fly fishermen in Washington, D.C. demonstrate that fly fishing is more than an individual pursuit of the catch, more than once-a-year out West or once-in-a-lifetime trips to exotic locations abroad.

Simply, fish where you are !

9. Small stream delights

Here is a short film from a nice little high country stream in New Zealand. This particular river runs in the Mackenzie area where Nor’wester gales make fly fishing impossible most days.

10. Magnetic North – Episode 1

Alaska is an incredible destination for fly fishing and adventure. This is the first episode of a serie of five that will showcase fly fishing in these area.

11. Fly fishing Tarariras

I didn’t know the “Tararira”, this fish can be found in Argentina and other places in South America. His fishing looks fantastic and even more in a place like this…

12. The Fly Fishing Guerilla

This short movie gathers old fly fishing scenes of the guys of fly fishing nation. For exemple, you can see Stephan Dombaj in action ! All this in a black and white style !

13. ARS Tronto

Not so much informations about this video, just a few beautiful scenes of fly fishing in river…

14. Hooké + Winter Vibes, Fraser River!

The guys of Hooké have a good fishing spirit and they do very cool things. I was sure of the quality of this video and I wasn’t wrong ! Just have a look !

15. Indiana fly fishing recap

Let’s end this serie with a fly fishing season recap of 2012 ! And think to the coming season 🙂

And that’s all for this time, don’t forget that you can also submit us your own videos for the next selection !

We look forward to see it !

Tight lines !


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