Since spring I have been very busy, by work, by rodtrip and of course by fly fishing !

The fishes are out and fishermen too, but I didn’t forgot to collect the best fly fishing videos I have seen around the web !

And so, I come back now with a huge collection of awesome fly fishing videos ! You probably saw some of them but I am pretty sure that you have also missed some…

I have to say that the fly fishing community is really active for the moment and I see frequently very nice things, home made videos or big productions, the final result does matter !

A let you discover and enjoy this video collection.

1. Jazz & Fly Fishing – Frog of Fire

2. French Trout

3. Wind in the Whiskers

4. Hooké Vibes at Hasanna, Québec

5. Hooké in Patagonia

6. Hooké at Bonaventure

7. One cast, one trout

8. 0031 Home waters

9. Chasing Waters

10. Catch the Moment – Fly fishing New Zealand

11. Hopper Madness

12. Winter of our discontent

13. Redemption

14. Hooké – Atlantic salmon season kickoff

15. 2013 IF4 – World Fishing Network

16. F3T Promo

17. Frank Moore – Mending the Line

18. Jazz & Fly Fishing – It´s Hardly Ever Like That

19. Pêche à la mouche

20. This is pikemania

21. Catch & Release with Dimo Petkov

22. Jazz & Fly Fishing – Focus

23. MAYFLY – Trout Addiction Part One

24. We share your passion

25. Highland trout – a fly fishing adventure in iceland

26. Hooké – Fly Fishing Vibes!

27. Italian Wilderness Fly Fishing

28. Fly fishing for pike, Joca lake, Serbia

29. El SOL

30. There’s always a hatch somewhere

31. Simms 2014 Launch

32. The Aqua Hulk

33. Leviathan Trailer

34. Hooké – Bonaventure part two!

35. Kola Peninsula – Fly fishing for brown trout

That’s all for this edition, I hope you enjoyed it !
If you want to submit your video, don’t hesitate to contact us !


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