On 29th june, the members of Rodtrip met themselves at Sommedieue for an unique fishing day.

For the first time, all together in a gorgeous place to fish, discuss and have fun !

We decided to spend this day in a relaxed way and simply to enjoy this day all together.

So we didn’t take the time to film, we focused on fishing. But of course we took some pictures to bring back some good souvenirs !


And what memories, it was just perfect since start until the end…

We all caught many fish, until more than 50 trout on the day for some of us ! I let you imagine how crazy we were, or may be just happy…


And the cool thing at Sommedieue, is the lunch time. Fishing is closed for at least one hour and all fishermen share an excellent meal all together.

We had a special dining room for the team, a friend, Terry and his buddy have shared this time with us in an incredible atmosphere.


The afternoon, we went back to fishing until late in the evening. The day continued like it has started, gorgeously well !

On the way back, our head full of good moments, of hooking or of missed fish, we couldn’t stop talking about fishing and we were already dreaming about our next trips.

Tight lines,



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