Going fishing !

Yes, it’s already end of the week and the weekend is there. Why wouldn’t you go fishing ?
Of course, it’s not always so easy and sometimes(rarely) the motivation is not there.

But seriously, if you have nothing else planned, leave the grass grow, take your gear, call a friend and go fishing ! And even more if like me you are living in belgium because sadly, sunday is the closing of fishing in unnavigable rivers…

And if you are in the case of the low motivation, I did a selection of three good and fresh fly fishing videos for you. I’m sure that after having watched them, you will change your plans of the weekend !

Last thing, don’t forget to tell us more about your recent fishing days… If you want, you can join us on rodtrip to discuss about it !

To go fishing

Totally in the subject, all the reasons that bring us on the water’s edge !

Fly Fishing Nation – Cuba

If you are dreaming of salty waters and big fish and if you need to wake up, watch this ! Action, power, music, a good mix of punch !

Destination Spain

You are close to small mountain streams ? Lucky you are ! This remembers me our trip in 2012 in the Catalan Pyrénées… what a souvenir !

That’s all for now and I hope you enjoyed it but do you know what is the sad thing ? I can’t go fishing this weekend…

Tight lines,


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