It became common to see fishermen with an action cam on the head, on the chest or mounted on a stick and most of the time it’s a GoPro.

GoPro had started a new trend when they launched their first action cam, the Hero 1 had the success we know !

Today they announced a new version of their best-selling product, the new Hero3+.


I am a GoPro user, for me it looks like a minor update of the previous Hero3 but with some very interresting points.

First, the increase of the battery life of 30%. The autonomy of the current Hero3 is one of its big default and this improvement is really welcome.

A second bad point was the Wi-Fi with which one I had some troubles, it’s not always easy to connect your GoPro to the GoPro App for exemple. They announce a 4 times faster Wi-Fi, this should really improve the connection between the camera and the app and may be resolve this king of problem.


Key points of the new Hero 3+

  • 20% smaller and lighter than previous models
  • New Auto Low Light mode
  • 30% longer battery life
  • 4x faster Wi-Fi
  • A new video mode called “SuperView”, a wider angle mode


I don’t think I will move to this new model, my current Hero3 is already an excellent action camera and the improvements of this new version are too small to justify an upgrade.

Anyway, this new Hero3+ will be an excellent action cam for sure !
I already look forward to see what they will announce next year !



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