We can say that in this early season there was no lack of water in the belgian rivers. The season took a lot of time to set off.

We rarely do great fishing before late April with a few exceptions, but this year the end of April looked more like March or even February.

It was cold, windy and rainy, enough to stop any fishing ambition.

But we still went fishing because the call of the river takes over the desire to stay in the warm of our homes. We remember this first nice day out at Arville on the Lomme : a little river in the woods with gorgeous wild trouts !
It was notably our first fishing with our friend Jeff .





As previous years we go to the Ain in France to fish on the Albarine. Usually an extremely clear water river.
But this year we meet with rain and troubled waters. It is still a nice little trip because we get to see again our friend Tony, the king of the « sight fishing ». We always learn a lot by watching him, this guy is amazing.






Finally the weather comes back to the norm of the season. The best souvenir of this month is the 29th of june at Sommedieue during the Rodtrip team meeting. An excellent sight fishing day with magnificent fishes in a paradisal frame.






This sun ! A true summer like we hadn’t got since a few years in Belgium.
This pleasant outing on the Amblève. Of fishing in rapids and of beautiful trouts.
I almost forgot this memorable hatch in the evening. The fishes started to feed 30 minutes before night. A magic moment. July is also a lot of preparation : buying gears of hiking, of fishing, analysing google maps, fly tying and everything that goes around a fishing trip in Norway.





A month that Jeff, Mathias and Jeremy were waiting for a long time !
Two weeks in the Finnmark in Norway, hiking, fishing and a terrific adventure.
Of wonderful fishes and landscapes.
A real friendship between three guys passionated by flyfishing and by travels into the true wild.






Umh… A return to reality after two weeks in the north of Europe. In Belgium it’s also the last month of fishing in first category rivers and the closing of the brown trout.
The temperatures go down and the leaves become yellow.
Some quick fishing sessions to end this season. I think that Norway will still be haunting us for a while.



Now, the trout is peaceful. It starts thinking about going up the streams to reproduce itself. This won’t stop us to go fishing, others options are available like the grayling or pike fishing.


In November, the Rodtrip team will be in the Polders in Netherlands to hunt the big pikes.

There will also be fishing in the lakes that will still be open during the great colds of winter. And of course we will continue our projects for the website !

And last but not least, we really want to thank all our readers and supporters !

Thanks a lot !

Jérémy & Mathias

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