That’s it, I am back with a new collection of fly fishing videos.

Almost everyday I discover a new video that I consider a must-see, a good way to start the day and inspire my weekend’s plans !

And for that I would like to thank all the fly fishing community that is more and more active and is producing gorgeous short films !

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you should know that we are also working on several projects and we will release some new videos soon !

I let you enjoy all these great fly fishing videos !

1. T├śRT

2. Trout Legend

Promotional featuring Shane Becker, Bryan Doyle, and Doug Freeman.

3. Overnight after the floods – brothers trip away.

Fly Fishing New Zealand


The biggest and meanest steelheads in the world !

5. Blood in the water

6. The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway

7. PatagoniaFly

8. Salmon Fly Fishing in Norway

Fly fishing on the Suldal river in Norway.

9. The trouts of Marc

Short movie filmed in France

10. Trailer Ars Tronto

11. Swedish Lapland 2013

12. The Arctic Experience – 1

13. The Arctic Experience – 2

14. Fly Fishing Nation Mixtape Vol.II

Cuba Chrome Edition

15. World Fly Fishing Championship 2013 – Norway

16. Browns Rising

17. Loop – Flua mi

18. To Go Fishing

19. Destination Spain

20. This Is San

21. Flow

22. Trout in plain sight

23. Landed

24. Clearly BC part 1 – Fall Bullies

Beautiful images from British Columbia.

25. Once upon a time in heaven Flyfishing New Zealand

26. Wild Country

27. Breaking the surface


A short film by Carl Dixon on fly fishing and the beauty of rivers.

29. Brothers On The Fly

Season II Trailer

30. El Arroyo

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