I have recently tested the « New Zealand Strike Indicator », a new innovative way to attach a strike indicator on your leader.


First of all, I need to mention that I am not a huge fan of strike indicators, like many other european fly fishermen, I prefer to use more discrete solutions (like colored nylon…) but I also know that fishing with an indicator is very popular in other countries like US or Canada.

Anyway sometimes I use an indicator and I must say that after having tested on a few occasions, there are many interesting points with this system, on which I’ll give you my first thoughts.

Presentation video :


So, will this solution make me change my mind ?

Regarding to the tool itself, totally ! This product is really perfect and here are the positive points I have noticed :

  • It’s easy to use and to place on your leader. No you don’t need to cut your leader and do any knots to attach it ! It’s plug and play !
  • It’s really light weight ! If I have to use an indicator, I don’t want to feel like I’m throwing stones in the water and I want to preserve the lightness of fly fishing.
  • Using New Zealand wool, it’s a natural solution and it stays in the spirit of fly fishing.
  • You can easily attach, remove and adjust the position of the indicator.
  • You can trim the wool of the indicator, to fit it to the weight of your flies.
  • With it’s two colors, red and white, it can be adapted to the luminosity and always be visible.

About the technique, I will always try to avoid fishing with strike indicators when I can but in some conditions it can really make a difference and that’s why the tool is now attached to my fishing vest.

I know that I can attach an indicator in a matter of seconds and I am sure that it will help me to hook some fish that would have been really hard to catch without it.


The couple of little issues I have noticed are the following, first, like most indicators, adding one more element on the line breaks a bit the cast. So to avoid knots, take care of your casts. Secondly, to attach the indicator, you need to apply enough tension on the leader and it can break small diameter threads, so in that case pull smoothly !


I have also used it for lake fishing and it can be an excellent indicator for bung fishing with 2-3 chironomids. Just use a bit more wool to assure the floatability  and visibility of the indicator. To optimise the floatability of the wool I also apply some grease on it before the first cast.



The New Zealand Strike Indicator Kit costs $15.95 and includes :

  • New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool with Loop
  • Tubing Sleeves Pre-Loaded on Tool
  • Extra Replacement Tubing Included
  • Sample of White and Orange New Zealand Wool
  • Instruction Card

At first look it can seem a bit expensive but I think it’s a fair price taking into account the research, the packaging, the instruction card, the drawings, the video etc. and of course a final product ready to use !
With the kit, you can also buy some extra wool and tubing to be sure to be peacefull for a while.

I will conclude this article by saying that I really like this kind of simple but efficient product. A good gift idea for christmas !

The New Zealand Strike Indicator can be ordered on their website.





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