The Dubspeed, is an inovative fly tying tool made in france and created by Edauard Zauner, fly fisherman for more than 50 years.

This tool helps you make dubbing loops when tying your flies. Its main advantage is making this somtimes risky operation much easier to do. You’ll nevertheless need some time to adapt and learn to handle this tool.


Official presentation video

The Dubspeed can be easily attached on your vice. The full kit contains three rules of different sizes (small, medium and large), as well as the fixing system and a twister. It is overall well built, and we can notice the white and granular paint on the top surface of the rules that gives a good visibility and support of the materials.



Once fixed on your vice, you only need some small adjustments to put the rule in front of the hook. A rotation of the Dubspeed on the rod of the vice allows to easily move it aside and leave you with enough room to continue the tying.




From my testing, here are various points where the Dubspeed gets interesting to produce dubbing loops.

  • The mixing of materials. Indeed, once your tying thread is set up on the tool, you get all the time you need to put different materials according to your needs.
  • The Dubspeed also allows to create really long dubbing loops, and so to make big flies with only one loop.
  • With its rules of three different sizes, the Dubspeed offers versatility in making flies of all sizes.



While it’s more essential for big flies, the Dubspeed is not only dedicated to making flies such as poppers, muddlers, mice, pike streamers, .., but can be more various depending on how you use it.



A negative point is that the large rule can reveal cumbersome and I preferred using the medium sized one even if for some flies it means making multiple dubbing loops.
The rule can also get in the way when you need to secure your loop on the hook before twisting it.

Overall, I really appreciated using the Dubspeed and it will regularly come back on my vice to create some future flies.
It will suit the persons having difficulties to do dubbing loops, but also advanced fly tiers who want to optimise their technique.


The Dubspeed costs €37.50 for the basic model and €45.50 for the model with the large tray.

You can order it online on the creator’s website, and you’ll morover receive one or more patterns of flies.






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