Since a little while now, the Finnish brand offers a new version of its Deep reel. Which catches attention with its yellow ochre color. A novelty of Vision in 2013.

We can find this same range of colors on the wadding shoes “Loikka” and on “Opas” Jackets of the same brand.


The Deep is a fine quality reel, provided with a good brake with not less than 30 adjustment clicks. It is easily adjustable during fights with nice fishes. The sound of the reel when rewinding it is not too sharp and doesn’t become annoying after several hours of fishing.

The brake is well set, it is very easy to take out the line and shoot at long distance. The brake wheel looks like the Koma model, easy to manipulate.


The system to disassemble the reel is easy to use. You just need to unscrew the black central axis with a red spot. No chance to split in two your reel when pulling out the line with this system.

The inside of the reel is slightly V-shaped. That allows a large capacity of line and backing. A big trump for lake fishing or for hunting beautiful fish that go to the backing at the first rush !


The reel design is the same as the old version except for the color. If you are punctilious with your material, you will have to pay attention because it can easily get scratched.

Vision offers a wide range of really efficient, esthetical, light and tough reels for an affordable price.

It is delivered in a cardboard box with a protective cloth cover.



  • Price
  • Original color and modern design of the reel
  • Large backing capacity
  • General quality of the reel (brake, toughness, using ease)
  • Large arbor


  • Easy to scratch
  • No additional spool yet (available in 2014)
  • Only available in #7-8 lines

Update :

Vision informed us that additionals spool and colors (black and white) will be available in 2014.

An efficient reel for lake fishing and seeking for nice fishes such as pike, carp, large trout…

I highly recommend it as it gave me total satisfaction and never leaves my pike rod ! An excellent reel at an ordinary cost.

Practical infos

Price from 80€ to 100€
Weight 178gr
External diameter 93mm
Internal diameter 45mm
Reel width 42mm
Miscellaneous available only in yellow for lines  #7-8


Jérémy. H & Mathias


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