The carp is certainly at the top of the fish list we would love to fish with the other guys of Rodtrip !

We have some possibilities in Belgium, but nothing like THIS ! This place is just fantastic… And this time we are lucky, Portugal is not too far from home…

Excellent video ! We want more….

Portugal, a European country where you can sight fish for carp in shallow water.

Flyfishing for carp is a new frontier and now available to anyone in one of the best places in the world. Imagine a country with a Mediterranean climate and over 250 days of sun per year, where you can sight fish for wild carp in shallow waters. This country is Portugal.

There you can walk along shore lines or wade through artificial lake’s waters and watch a carp feeding in water few inches deep, sometimes with part of the body out of the water; and then make the perfect cast, presenting the fly with precision in its trajectory, see the carp swimming towards the fly and see it being swallowed with no mercy.

What follows is part of your imagination!


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