Wheter it is in the baggage hold of a plane, in the trunk of a car, or just hung on a backpack, going on a fishing trip often requires carrying multiple rods, and puts them under stress.


To avoid having to take multiple cases on our last trip in Lapland, we decided to equip ourselves with the new tube model from the Sage brand, the large format « Sage Rod Tube ».


Its octogonal shape reinforce its strength and keep it from rolling. The large model is perfect to transport multiple rods. We put up to 5 rods in this tube. Keep note that they are available in 3 different formats : small, medium and large.

Perfectly waterproof and solid, it endured pouring rain, hikes on moutain sides and drops during our journey, the rods were perfectly protected.


Easy to use and with a rubber lid, it is closed with a quick turn, and it has an adjustable strap to carry it.

It weights 1kg400, which is a bit much, especially when hiking where each gram counts. Of course it is hard to combine strength and lightness, and we did carry it during 2 weeks on our backpack, so it can be done.


As you will have realized, it is a quality tube, which is unfortunately a bit expensive. The large model is between 175€ and 200€.


But if you take the rods’ value into account, their protection is a priority for any fisherman.

A recommended product for the travellers-fishermen that we are !

US price : 80 to 140 dollars
EU price : 175 to 199 euros


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