The opening, it’s always a great time ! We meet the friends again, the rivers, the fishing thrills and of course nice trouts !

This year, with the guys of the Rodtrip team, we met all together on Sunday on the Amblève river in Belgium. A day that breathe of good spirits and fishing on a wonderful river…


The day starts under a grey sky but the pleasure to be there with the team transforms it into a gorgeous day. The morning, the fish are hard to find but we manage to catch a few.



Just before taking a break, sitting on the bank, we discuss about the season to come and about the planned projects for 2014.



The best catch of the morning goes to Jeff, who strikes a nice trout of 44cm on a dry fly.



We go back to the center of the closest town, Stavelot, to eat some fries… (yeah yeah Belgian tradition…;)).

Once satiated, we get back to fishing, in the city this time.


The sun is now showing, and very fast we catch some fish but unfortunately, it will be the only fish of the afternoon.

This is a big fish !
This is a big fish !

Anyway, we continue to fish this incredible river and the spots we see let us presage a lot of good fishing days to come !



We end the day on the bridge, discussing and observing a girl enjoying the first sunbeams and … falling in the river… Thank you girl, it was the best possible ending for this day !

We wish you a very good fishing season  !

Let's end with this big brown caught the day before by Romain !
Let’s end with this big brown caught the day before by Romain !
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