One can recognize the flyfisher as a man attracted by nature, fishes and who enjoys the feeling of freedom of the riverside.

But we can truly define the fisherman as someone who likes nice gear such as customized rod, knife, reel…

Its second choice criteria, right after quality, is beauty. As any human being, we are amazed by the sight of the tools of our passion.

While looking up on the internet searching after novelties to fulfill my passion, I found a Facebook page “La Jurassienne, fabrication d’épuisette en bois” (hand-made wooden landing nets). I was immediately seduced by these France made nets of a craftsman from Jura.

Wooden landing nets you may say… It has been known for ages… I would generally agree but not on that kind. 😉


There are countless possibilities of customization, from the width circle, stick length to the carvings and aside form that you can choose between different types of wood. So that you get your very unique net.

I reached Antony Pedron the craftsman of these little jewels right away.

Morning Anthony, could you introduce yourself to our faithful followers?

I am Pedron Anthony, 25 years old, I’m living in Messia sur Sorne in the Jura!

I work as a carpenter and I’m a fishing addict and even more. I discovered this sport at the age of three along the Jura’s rivers and the passion never left me since then.

For three seasons now, I’m really searching for the largest specimens living in our rivers which means that I don’t catch a lot actually.


It’s much more like a chase, I spend a lot of time in the nature, getting up early when everything wakes up. That’s the dream!

I remember seeing two roe bucks fighting five meters from me while I was looking at a nice fish. Another time, I found a big pack of morels… That’s what I like the most about our passion.

Not long ago, I’ve decided to mix my job with my passion, crafting wooden landing nets! But only for my own usage.

But with time, I noticed during my days tracking out large brow trouts, that a lot of people were surprised and interested by this object. I started crafting for my friends who made great advertisers and my project took off.

I crafted nets for some well-known fisherman such as Nicolas Germain, Frederic Zanella… But also a renamed graphic novelist and a pro player of the Olympique Lyonnais ! Now I’m exporting everywhere in France but in foreign countries too! (Canada, Belgium, Switzerland…)

Willing to craft wooden landing nets is kind of rare, what lead you in to that project?

In fact, I was looking for a wooden product which was tough and uncommon at the same time. Unfortunately I didn’t find what I wanted on the market.


I then decided to craft my very first net structure. A quite simple model, in comparison to what I make today.

Have you ever been asked to make something impossible or are you always able to get what the fisher wants?

Yeah, I’ve already been asked to craft some funny things! However I always find a way to satisfy the fishing mates! I really like what I do, I give myself challenges, and it’s rewarding.

Could you tell us more or less how many you have sold already?

Since the launch of my micro company on the first November of 2013, I am at around forty sales. (I’m not counting the ones I made for pleasure.)


What wood are you using and why?

I mainly use oakwood, ash, poplar, cherrywood and niangon ! I take what I find as long as the wood is nice.


Which one is for you the more convenient for this product?

I personally think that oak, ash and poplar are the most adapted if we think in terms of solidity and weight.

Globally, every wood can work out but they aren’t the same and the final product does not look the same.


Take oak or cherrywood and that will look very nice but it will be a little bit heavier. But it doesn’t change much to be honest.

What about customization, can the net be carved? Is everything possible?

Yes, I carve and draw… Everything is possible with the Jurassienne! I do absolutely everything by hand from the start to the end as well as customization: name, first name, drawings or else…

Where do the actual nets come from?

My nets come from the company Pafex and are made in France! These nets are resistant and respectful for the fish.


What are your average prices?

Prices go from 100€ to 280€. There are 7 types of handle and three circle sizes.

When you know the amount of time spent on a net, the work and the wood and supply cost, even if it’s not for free, it’s not expensive either but if I want to craft and provide a maximum of fishers, I can’t count all my hours or price would quickly go up.

Time between order and arrival of the product?

It depends on the order but it’s an average of 15 days between the start of crafting and the delivery.

Do you have any ideas for future and to develop your company?

I have some ideas but I will keep them for me. I’ve also got a proposition to craft fly assemblage tables but it will stay a surprise!

For now with my full time job as a carpenter, the nets and all the side things and don’t forget fishing I can say that I am quite busy.

I will firstly do the maximum to offer “La Jurassienne” to the majority of fishers who are quite numerous out there… And then we’ll see.

To conclude, we can say that these landing nets are not only extremely beautiful but also really tough.

Another artisan realizing great and quality work.

I give you the final word.

I thank all the people who promote my products: Frederic Zanella called coco the one putting the biggest fishes in my landing nets…


Nicolas Germain the great fly maker whose flies are available on is personal Fly shop!

La Gaule Léodienne which manages their rivers very well so go on and take your fishing cards from them…

And I also thank all the persons who publish about me as well as the ones trusting me!

Thank you Anthony ! We wish you all the best for the future of your project !

If you are interested by these landing nets,
we recommend you to visit Antony’s website, don’t hesitate to contact him !


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