She did it again this year, she made us crazy all over again.

The night before we left, the waterlevel rose significantly, only to rise even more our thirst to sightfishing with the nymph.


What to do ? Cancel the trip and stay home? Well, what the hell, we’ll go out to have fun. We’ll be fishing for 5 days, and no matter what conditions, we’ll be with our friends again.

After a 5 Horus drive, we meet with the river… Only to be disgusted with what we see, and to have droven that long for way too high waterlevels. But our friends had an emergency plan !


Thanks to them, we go fishing on a small stream, with gin clear water and a healthy population of grayling, not too bad after all for starters !

The next Day, even if the waterlevels aren’t perfect, we can finally meet our long bewaited river, the Albarine.


We fished with succes sometimes, it’s these moments who made us believe we actually could sightfish.

But there are always those moments were we completely blank out , it are those situations when we don’t find the solution and leave us not knowing why we can’t make them eat our flies.


Like this 50cm long trout, wich we fished for quite some time without being able to hook it. Those rises to our fly, wich we missed each time. There are still some things to learn !


Whilst being on this trip, we looked forward to meeting up with our local friends.

Seeing them every morning to fish for the day, or a couple of hours are worth all the fish you could catch. We love these moments,wich are always fun and very educating.




The river is splendid, and the sun shines bright. The fish are on post in front of the boulders, perfect conditions for sightfishing the nymph… It’s this situation that we came for !

But the call of reality wakes us up, it’s time to head back home, to say goodbyes, and see you next year.


We have to leave with a taste of hunger, and a feeling that we couldn’t fish the river as we should, but also with some nice souvenirs as we do each and every time.


We say a last goodbye, and head back to Belgium.

Many thanks to Tony, Julien, this rodtrip was another succes!


Rodtrip brothers !





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