A few month ago we showed you the new Tunca Expert hooks.

Since then, their range of hooks was extended to align themselves with their concurrents by proposing a new set of jig hooks (TE110).


After months of extensive testing to present you worthwhile products, we invite you to discover with us this novelty product from FlyScene.


With good value for money, the Tunca Expert Hook Jig range is avaible in sizes 8 through 18. These hooks are unfortunately only available in packs of 25, but we are confident they will soon be purchasable in larger packs of 50 or 100.

Their black/nickel color is very welcome, it’s more discreet which is a big advantage for tough fishing sessions with fearful fish.


They are barbless and thus follow the current no-kill trend, but this also provides an asset by keeping the tip of the hook perfectly smooth and sharp. I lost very few fish despite the missing barbs.

These hooks are already available in local stores in Belgium (Jacquet pêche, La maison de la mouche Albert Bigarré, Hero & Easyfly) for around 4.50EUR per pack of 25, but are still hard to find on the net.

Here are three flies tied with the  Tunca Expert Hook Jig.




These are easy to tie nymph models which are very effective.

You’ll find more flies tied on these hooks in this article.

Happy tying !


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