As you may know, this summer I went to Iceland with Jérémy for a 12 days fishing trip. We got back two weeks ago and it’s now time to start sharing this adventure with you !

We won’t break the tradition and we will write a complete and detailed rodtrip of this travel but as you can guess the redaction of these reports takes a lot of time.

Add to this the photo retouching and the video editing and we have a full time job !

No I am kidding, but it’s still a lot of work and we want to do it well !



During this trip we recorded a lot of footage and we really look forward to publish the video but before that, we will release other videos such as Sommedieue(France) or De Ronde Bleek(The Netherlands) and even more…  It’s still the fishing season that’s why we slowed a bit the activity of the site to spend more time fishing ! And I must say that until now, this season has really been awesome and you should not miss what’s coming 😉 !

Let’s come back to Iceland, yes, this gorgeous island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, dotted of mountains, of volcanoes and the best for the end, of lakes and rivers !



We saw incredible landscapes and if I should give a regret, it’s that I didn’t have the time to explore more and to do the complete tour of the country ! Let’s keep this for a future trip !



As for fishing, we are trout fanatics and I must say that we haven’t been disappointed. We caught out there the biggest trouts of our life (until now ;)), in fact we have been stupefied to see so many big fish. For exemple, on a part of the Laxa we didn’t see a single brown under 55cm… A dream river I guess…




We also experienced salmon fishing for the second time, yes remember, last year in Lapland we also tried it !


For me salmon fishing is a bit frustrating… until… you strike one ! And here is the reward you were looking for, a bright and silver atlantic salmon freshly arrived from the sea and asking itself what happens to it.


We did it and we won’t forget it anytime soon !


Between salmon and trout fishing in the rivers we also tried to fish in lakes and into the sea. And again with success, we found the trouts in those huge lakes and had a lot of fun with pollacks / coalfishs in the icelandic fjords. We also caught other species but we still have to figure out their names.




To conclude, as you can see we had a lot of fun to fish in Iceland and it’s without any doubt a fishing destination I would recommend. And let’s be clear, it’s not the cheapest destination but there are solutions for all budgets and you won’t regret it.

Finally, we met a lot of great people out there and this is also one of the best parts of a trip. I am thinking to Hilmar, Bjarni, Asgeir, Jeff Currier,… ,…, all very nice guys that didn’t hesitate to give us advice or to share their stories while drinking a beer ! Thanks guys !




We also want to thanks the owners and the guides of the lodges where we have been, we always received a warm welcome.

The final thanks goes to a friend, Ingo from Icelandic Fly Fishermen, without whom this trip wouldn’t have been possible.


That’s all for now, stay tuned for the complete rodtrip, the photos and the videos that will arrive as soon as possible !


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