A while ago, we were invited to make a coverage of this magnificent flyfishing destination. Our coverage has been realized in two different days, during which we fished and filmed this exceptional location with great pleasure.

Situated in the French Lorraine region, the village of Sommedieue, not far from Verdun, this fishing site is of a remarkable beauty. It’s composed of 12 hectacres of ponds communicating by small rivers, making it a fishing paradise. Here, flyfishing equals with respect for the surrounding nature, warm and friendly people, and local terroir kitchen.

You’re always very well taken care of by Bruno and Steven, who won’t hesitate to help you with precious advice about the fishing on that particular moment. When you enter their state of the art lodge, you’ll feel at flyfishing home, right away !



The water is year round crystal clear, which enables sightfishing exclusively, and it would be crazy to do otherwise. Imagine perfectly shaped trout, as gorgeous as a piece of art, swimming in a blue lagoon…it sounds exaggerated, but this is as close as a description could be.


The most popular techniques are the dry fly, and sightfising with nymphs. It’s really hunting, because if you look closely, you’ll spot constantly fish. But the real challenge is to find out what they are eating, and fool their suspicions. And believe me, this an addictive game, just ask Johan, since our trip, his mind is trapped by the sightfishing virus.


As Sommedieue is well known by flyfishermen, local and abroad, the fish can be very smart and one should always take care of his approach and presentation of the fly. The lakes are stocked with plenty of rainbow trout ranging from 45 to 80 cm. Other species are brown trout, arctic char, grayling and huchon, who thrive perfectly in the different lakes.

The fish respond well to black or white small nymphs. But you should also consider more natural flies like the pheasant tail, scuds, emerging sedges, which can also work wonders.


As for dry fly fishing, imitations of terrestrials reign. Also add the Shipman buzzer, shuttle cocks, jeck sedges, and small BWO… it’s a guarantee that a trout will eat your artificial !



And what to say about the joy of hearing of the bell ringing. That means time to give the fish a rest and to enjoy a delicious meal. Time passes so quickly when you’re enjoying a good table in good company that you could forget to continue fishing. You’re warned about the good atmosphere at their table !


The afternoon always passes by too quickly, and the evening rise approaches, when you’re still daydreaming about your lunch. Often, dry fly fishing will heat up, and trout will start to rise intensively. But as stated before, fishing will be technical, but in the evening it’s quite common to see you attached to a big trout of 70 cm, who makes you remember the colour of your backing. Mathias still knows, I believe it was orange.


We could continue for hours about the delights of Sommedieue, with countless fishing memories, but the only thing you should do, is go visit and fish Sommedieue, let yourself live the rhythm of its flyfishing and hospitality. You’ll not be disappointed, just explore it as soon as you can.

Fishing gear :

  • A 8 or 9 foot rod, for 4 to 6 aftma
  • As it often is: a 9ft, 5 weight is a very good compromise (big fish)
  • A reel with a very good brake, and at least 100 yards of backing
  • Long leaders
  • A good landing net


Advice :

  • Discretion is key when fishing
  • Fish like you would in rivers, and your quarry are wild fish
  • Don’t stay in one hotspot, discover the domain with its lakes, because staying on the same spot will spook the fish even more
  • Don’t go too light on your leaders
  • Try to unhook the fish in the landing net, and in the water. Off course a nice picture isn’t forbidden
  • Be sure to enjoy the evening rise and the fish coming close in

Contact :


Practical information :

Prices :

High season (1st April till 31th October) :

  • Full day fishing from 9h00 till 21h30 with lunch included : 93 €
  • Afternoon from 14h00 till 18h30 : 43 €
  • Evening rise from 18h00 till 21h30 : 33 €
  • Morning from 9h00 till 12h30 : 33 €
  • Afternoon and evening rise from 14h00 till 21h30 : 67 €

Low season :

  • Full day from 1st November till 28th February : 69 €
  • Full day from 1st March till 31th March : 79 €
  • Afternoon from 1st November till 28 February : 33 €
  • Morning : 33 €

It’s possible to buy a subscription for multiple days/periods. Also available for the novice anglers is a guiding service


Lodging :

It’s possible to stay over in the Domain’s lodges. They offer fishing/lodging combos with meals. For further information, contact Bruno, he’ll advice you about the best formula for you.

Restaurant / Shop :

The Sommedieue Domain is also a restaurant where it’s possible to have lunch without fishing, or for business lunches. Do not forget to make reservations 24 hrs in advance.

The Domain also offers to the flyfishermen a small shop with quite some good flies, leader, floatant, etc.
And right to the Domain you’ll find the flyfishing shop of Seb Cast-Again.




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