Vision Fly Fishing just released their 2015 catalog, and as you probably understood by seeing our pictures, we like what they are doing !

We were teenagers when we started fishing and we bought Vision equipments at that time for few reasons. First was the price, Vision prices are quite honest comparing to other big brands.


Interesting when you are still at school ! The quality has almost always been there and we still use many items we bought few years ago !

The design of Vision products has always been quite trendy and fresh, with some innovations every year and they don’t break the rule for 2015 !

So what’s new for 2015 ?

Of course they have some new products and like always also new editions of existing products with new colors, new features etc.

I did a selection for you but I won’t reveal all the novelties ! I suggest you to have a look to the online catalog if you want to know more.

New color for the “bra” serie

The mycket bra, mini bra, mega bra and the love handles are now available in a new  brown/orange color. I’m gonna break for it …! What do you think ?



Rulla Custom

This is a brand new reel, inspired from the classic Rulla but much more… custom !

I look forward to see it in real…





Bib & Brace denim edition

This fishing trousers looks perfect for winter lake fishing, or even pike fishing in the polders !

You should give it a try if you are chilly !


There are more but I let you the pleasure to discover the others novelties in their online catalog.


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