Reconstruction of spawning grounds: volunteers needed!

Fishing for trout is closed in most European coutries, giving our golden brown friends the rest they need before they head for spawning grounds.

At Lesse & Lomme Fishing, one of the best kept riversystems in Belgium, this means there is some work to do! Every year a bunch of volunteers gather up around the village of Eprave to restore and maintain natural acces to streams and brooks, in order to preserve a next generation of wild brown trout.


Unfortunately every year less and less volunteers sign up to help and maintain earlier constructed spawning beds and fish ladders, and construct new ones.

Eversince the new committee took over the riverkeeping in 2005, fantastic results have been booked both for native grayling and trout population, among access to a bigger part of the river and the installation of purification sites thanks to lobbying.

Yet all this work threatens to be lost in a very short while if all this volunteering will come to an end.


So please, if you love fishing and nature, come and join in! Consider it as a duty to do something back for the rivers and it’s inhabitants, while talking about techniques, places to fish and flies that do wonders with new fishing buddies.

On top of that, Lesse & Lomme committee will reward you with a free daylicense fishing on their rivers or – if you help out more than one day – a 40 euro reduction from your next seasons license!


This year L&L’s focus is on the Biran, contribuary stream to Lomme river, where a fishladder will be built. For this all hands and hearts are needed desperately.

No matter if your really young or very old, there’s always something you can do to help out. Starting 11th of october and going on every saterday untill the 22nd of november, everyone is very welcome!

More information and signing up can be found right here!


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