We all know the risks of taking our DSLR camera along a day of fishing. Sudden rainfall  or just slipping away while wading can turn it into a true nightmare.

That’s why the guys at Vision developped a full waterproof backpack, preserving any kind of material being damaged by water.


Offcourse this Finnish brand isn’t the first to launch such a product, but to us they seem to be the first to do it at a reasonable price. Let’s check it out !



A brief description of the bag:

This brown coloured backpack has a 900g weight for a 50cm by 29cm volume. From the outside a net pocket, a small inner zippable one and some plastic braces along the straps dominate the view.



These braces make it possible to attach Visions chestpack ‘Mycket’, or other usefull tools.


Too good to be true:

  • The nice price!
  • The overall esthetics, sober and minimalistic.
  • A low visual colour (dark brown).
  • 100% waterproof (if well closed!).
  • Suprisingly lot of space (though not one of the biggest, it does give you enough space to put away your DSLR with several lenses).
  • The possibility to attach it to their ‘Mycket Bra’ chestpack.
  • Though Finnish design.


Could be better:

  • We miss a separate inside pocket, although the more pockets you get, the bigger the risk will be of having humidity inside the backpack. Yet everyone needs compartments to put away any gear.
  • The comfort of the straps. After carrying it for several hours, they tend to sore your shoulders.
  • We also miss a brace to connect a fishing net.


We’ve waited for our fishing expedition in Iceland to put this bag really to the test, where weather circumstances and challenging hikes demand a maximum quality of the gear you use.


Wether it was during our flight, in the back of a truck or on our backs wading in Icelandic rivers, it proved to be a fully reliable partner! Even after heavy rainshowers for hours and hours, our camera’s were still protected from any kind of moist.

And in the end, that’s what we want the backpack to do for us, right?


At a minimum cost the Vision Aqua Day Pack gives you a maximum quality.

And that is straight in the line this brand has been following for a while now: making good gear for a reasonable price.


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