Off again, for some serious pike fishing in the Dutch polders, after we went through the classic preparation of looking for lodging and scouting for fishing spots.

It’s a hell of a job, but one has got to do it … And was it worth it, hell yeah !

On Friday evening we arrived at our lodge, Apud Nos Domi, which has pike at its doorstep. It was a warm welcome from Math and Jeremy for myself and our Swiss flyfishing addict in our cosy apartment with all comfort provided.




We enjoyed a very tasty pasta, and had some drinks to talk through our latest flyfishing adventures, and flies we wanted to use this weekend.


After a short nightbreak, we woke up in the middle of a storm, with strong winds and lots of rain.

Johan threw a new streamer in the small polder right next to the lodge’s door, and connected instantly with a nice pike ! It threw the hook, but this take boosted our confidence.




We went off to the first spots and everyone soon hooked up with our toothy critters. No big mama’s yet, but some nice fish put up again for voracious takes, it was often sigtfishing for pike, in these very clear waters. Jeremy landed four pike and lost some more.



Enjoy the pics of the scenery and these beautifull predators.

To be continued…

(fyi: some pictures were took the second day, with a better weather)




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