The last weekend in january – A fixed date in every fly fishermen calendar from belgium. This year the ‘Fête de la Pêche à la Mouche’ opened its gates near Charleroi for the 20th time.

Like lots of visitors from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany we also found our way to Roselies to celebrate the anniversary.

But for us it was not a snowy roadtrip to just pick up some last stuff for the upcoming trout season.

This time we also came to share our passion for fly fishing at an own booth.


Besides bringing some new shirts, sweaters and caps we showed our brand new video about trout fishing on the Amblève near Stavelot. A marvelous river within beautiful landscape.

We had a great time with old friends and welcomed lots of new faces. Thanks to all of them for sharing good vibes with us !

If you missed belgiums biggest fly fair today, there’s another chance tomorrow.

Here is a bunch of pics we took today, enjoy !

Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC4790 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC4793 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC4800 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC4807 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC4815 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC4816 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC4818 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8558 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8559  Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8565 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8566 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8568 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8569 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8570 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8584 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8587 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8589 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8604 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_DSC8610

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