Thrill, thrill, thrilllll!!! Just a couple of days to go before the start of the 2015 trout season, and like every single one of you, we really can’t wait to wet our flies again! So are you ready?

We bet you are, but did you check on your material yet? Now, we might sound a bit like your mom, but if you want to succeed on D-day, you better listen to her.

So here is our official ‘Fly-mom’s checklist for a successful seasons opening !


An overhaul of our gear is necessary.

For most of our river material it’s been a while since it has been used, your fly lines were spooled up on your reels during winter, so it’s a good moment to grease them and renew your leaders.


Hey, why not even clean your favourite rod! Make sure to thoroughly clean all rod guides and the tip ring aswel. We bet your rod will cast as new !


Before you head out to your local tackle shop to buy new leaders, check if all necessary gear is still in your fishing jacket.

Lost a nipper end of last season ? Almost ran out of 14/00 tippet? No more grease in the flask ? Make a list and double check it

Some of us don’t have a tackle shop just around the corner !


It always helps to clean up your fly box to know what you still need to tie. Got some crazy patterns that you never really use because of a lack of confidence in them? Dump ‘em !

It’s better to be armed with enough of your favourite flies in different sizes and -for nymphs- weight than to have too much choice.


On mixed trout/grayling rivers wading is generally prohibited until the opening of the grayling season, and to cast from the bank towards a pool far away might hook you up with a tree…

Nothing as frustrating in realising you don’t have enough flies of the pattern that works during your day of fishing, right ?

Some scouting before the opening day can do wonders too, so go visit your river before opening day. It will surely have changed by floods which created new holes, moved big stones, brought in drift woods, and made lots of new hideouts for our trout.


If the water levels are right and you have the time, try to go during the warmest period of the day. If there is any insect activity you’ll surely have some rises, and if the water is clear enough, you might even spot feeding trout.

This kind of scouting gave Romain two big browns of 64 and 56 cm on the opening day !


Let's end with this big brown caught the day before by Romain !

If your favourite river is too far away, or if you don’t have the time to do some scouting, you can check the water levels on the internet, because it would be sad to meet a flooded river. Make sure you have a plan B.

If at night a rain storm is heading, and the river river is rising, it’s always wise to have a plan B. Some of the smaller creeks or streams that you normally don’t try might just need that extra bit of water for good fishing.


And mom’s rule number one for a successful first day: don’t go out partying (too much) the night before, It’s a bad bad bad idea to open the season with a headache. You’d better go have a beer at the river with some friends, why not enjoy a barbecue along the bank, we bet you you’ll have 100% fishing on your mind!


Make sure you’re alive and kicking 30 minutes before sunrise with everything packed for the day. Winter is officially over and you will feel great with nothing to worry about. And even if the water isn’t gin clear, even if you lose that one fish, it doesn’t matter.


The most important is that you’re out there again. Breathing that fresh clean air with a spark of spring in it, listening to the music the river makes for you, knowing that this is just the beginning.


Because there will be other fishing days, heaps of them. Inhale deeply, the season has started, and it’s promising.

Have a good season y’all and don’t hesitate to share your day with us!

The rodtrip team




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