For the first time, we have decided to organize a fly fishing competition.

We love trout fishing but there are already a lot of river & lake contests, that’s why we have decided to do things a bit different: our first Rodtrip fishing contest will be focused on pike fishing and fly only !


All the Rodtrip guys are already super excited about this event, we will do our best to make this first edition a memorable day ! Of course it will be 100% focused on pike fishing and we hope that you will catch some big ones !

We also plan to shoot a video so don’t forget your good mood, and do wear your best vest ;).


Basic rules

  • You will compete in teams of two fishermen
  • Each team will have a boat at its disposal
  • Ranking based on the number of catch and length of the fish
  • Special prize for the biggest and first catch of the day
  • … more detailed rules before the contest starts.



We wanted to have only interesting and valuable rewards for the competitors and thanks to our partners, you will not be disappointed by the rewards list which is of course 100% pike proof.


  • Vision Big Daddy rods
  • Vision Deep Reels
  • Partridge pike hooks sets
  • Fly Scene fly tying packs
  • Rodtrip t-shirts, caps
  • & more…

About Bambois

If you don’t know the lake of Bambois, we already wrote an article about it and shot the following video.

Hurry up to register !

The contest is limited  to 9 teams only, that’s why we have decided to apply the following rules :

  • Registrations have to be submitted by september the 29th
  • The 9 first teams to submit their registration will be registred
  • The entry fee is fixed at 60€ / fisherman (120€ / team) and it includes the breakfast, bbq, boat and fishing licence
  • Registration will only be validated after we received your payment

Please fill out the form below to apply for registration

Registration form

** The contest is full, don’t submit any new registrations**

Big thanks to our partners for this event :

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