In Belgium, there are some really good rivers, but one of them has become very famous in the country and abroad during the last years.

It’s certainly not the most beautiful river on earth but its trout population is really surprising. Don’t get excited too fast, it’s not so easy to catch them, especially the big ones but on a good day, you have fair chances to catch a decent fish !


With a tight planning, we finally found the time to wet our waders in this river. We have been lucky to be guided by excellent fly fishermen, our friends Alex, Philippe and David. The chance didn’t stop there, after a dry summer, it rained a lot the day before and the fish started to feed like crazy.

It was a damn good day, with countless fish that reached the surface to take our flies.




But it didn’t started exactly like that. During the morning we fished nymph and caught only few fish.



The afternoon, the fish started to look at the hundreds of blue wing olive that were drifting on the surface. With this hatch, the river seethed with fish rising everywhere around us.

Then the fun started, we shared the rises between us and started to catch trout after trout… It’s not everyday like this and you must enjoy these moments where you can watch your buddy catching a fish while waiting your turn.

Such a good fishing day doesn’t happen so often and for once we had the chance to be at the right place at the right time !



We won’t forget this moment and we really want to thanks our friends that welcomed us on their river…

Philippe Hardy
Philippe Hardy
Serge Sabaut . Incredible nymph fisherman.
Serge Sabaut .
Incredible nymph fisherman.


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