The first edition of the Rodtrip Pike Challenge is now over, it’s now time to share the results and the first photos…

But before that, I would like to thank all the competitors, the visitors, the Bambois staff and the Rodtrip team ! They all have bring their good mood to make of this event a success… Thanks as well for all the positive feedbacks that you already gave us, this is a huge motivation for us…

Back to the contest, the teams have caught 40 pike during the two rounds of the competition, good job guys !








Ruten raus und der Spaß beginnt
785 points
2 Team VISION 702 points
3 Team VPN 674 points
4 Pikepocket 481 points
5 Jojacq 461 points
6 Predator Fly Fishing 439 points
7 Smartlures 437 points
8 Hooked 345 points
9 Viking Team 227 points

We want to congratulate the german team “Ruten raus und der Spaß beginnt” who won the Pike Challenge 2015 ! And I would like to add, by using an homemade bamboo rod, crazy…


Here are some photos of the contest, we will add more on our facebook page soon and don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the comments bellow.

The last thank goes to our partners who helped us to make of this event a reality: Vision, FlyScene and Partridge of Redditch !


More photos of the event

Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9988 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9991 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9998 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9997 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9996 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9995 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9994 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9993 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9992    Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9970 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9964 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9956 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9951 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9950 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9940 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9939  Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9921 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9911 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9901 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9876 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9856 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9852 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9849 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9845 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9832 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9823 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9809 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9750 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9743  Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9718 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9704 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9702 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9692 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9689 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9682 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9668 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_9665 05-pikechallenge

04-pikechallenge 07-pikechallenge

15-pikechallenge 06-pikechallenge

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