One more time, like every year since 3 years now, we visit the polders in The Netherlands. It has become our usual trip of the end of the year, so far, because we have been really tempted by an other pike destination this time… next year maybe !

Thursday evening, the team meets at the lodge “Apud nos Domi” in Polsbroek. The good thing when you arrive after your teammates is that they welcome you with a fresh beer. Dammit, what do you want more? Some pikes of course, but there are pikes everywhere in this country… yeah !

The next day, we start fishing at sunrise. Xavier, the Swiss guy of the team who comes each year opens the score after few minutes with a nice fish.


The following hours are more quiet until our friend Nico hooks a really big pike. The Big Daddy rod is folded in two. Few minutes after, we measure this really nice pike of 92cm. Good job man !


The day continues and the morning sun gives way to fog and rain. It’s really cold but the pikes are active. All day long we will catch fish. Johan was really in good shape and catches 13 pikes.



Once back at the lodge, old habits never change… spaghetti, beers, wine, whisky & dreams about big pikes. Mathias & Jérémy, tirelessly like always still have the motivation to tie some flies.




Saturday morning, you could still smell the alcohol of the evening in the apartment. The pikes are harder to find, probably because of the sun shining all day long. But we still manage to catch few fish despite of these conditions.



Once back at the lodge, after a quick aperitif, we go to Gouda to try a restaurant specialised in beef meat. We need strength for the last day of the trip, we will need it !


Indeed, in the morning the wind is really really strong with gusts at 90 km/h. The first spots that we try are not that good, the water is totally brown. As we are 6 fishermen, for the last day we have decided to split the team in two groups of 3 fishermen.

Each group will find better locations with clear waters and of course with pikes in it but fishing is quite difficult.

DSCF9911 (1)


We decide to have lunch under a highway bridge in order to be protected of the heavy rain. It’s time to start the last round of the trip. Dammit, we must save the day and catch some fish…

First good thing, the rain stopped, the water is clear and despite of this crazy wind the pikes seems hungry now!


The afternoon is really great with bigger pikes and insane sight attacks. It’s easy, you see your streamer and the second after a gold flash appears and takes it. The sensations you are looking for and like always, we want more!



It’s already 04:00pm, time to go back to the lodge, pack our stuff and hit the road.

It was a good year for Rodtrip in these famous Dutch polders. We caught 65 pikes in 3 days, which is not that bad! We already look forward to go back there, it’s really an addictive fishing !

Mathias_Briquemont_1680_0142   Mathias_Briquemont_1680_0120 DSCF9916  09-polders  07-polders 06-polders   03-polders

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