We spent our last weekend in France and it was 100% fly fishing ! We were invited at Coyolles for the Rise festival and we had in mind to try new lakes for pike in the same area.

The perfect occasion to go there and see if we could hit some nice fish, we had a plan !

So on Saturday morning Jeremy came to my place at 5:00 am and we took the road to Pimprez. We arrived there at around 9:00 am, after 30 minutes we were ready and the float tubes were on the water.


Few hundred casts later, it was already lunch time and not a single fish, damn it ! After some good fries we were ready to face the afternoon, full of motivation and hope.


Intermediate, sinking line, tube flies, piker points, small flies… we tried everything and at 04:00 pm we hadn’t catch a single fish yet. Really frustrating… and suddenly, a 04:30 pm I had a first hit on a pink fly while stripping really aggressively and two minutes after, the first pike was at the tube, yeaah, finally !


And as pike fishing is always a different story, we caught 5 pikes in a row and after 30 minutes, it was already over… not a single other fish would come to hit our flies…


Anyway, the weekend was not over and it was now time to Coyolles, our guests were waiting us for the aperitif and a really good diner ! We were really happy to meet again Céline & Vincent, the owners of the domain but also Ben, a great fisherman ! It’s not all, our friends from Castlehamilton Allan & Audrey were also there as “honored guests” for the festival. After a nice evening, we went to bed really tired of this long day.


Sunday, after a good breakfast with everyone it was time to go at Villers Cotteret at the Cinéma Les Clubs for the Rise festival. We enjoyed awesome fly fishing movies during more than 2 hours, what a good time ! But it was not all, after the Rise we had a busy afternoon at Coyolles.





Lunch for all the spectators at Coyolles followed by an other good selection of Belgian / French fly fishing movies, including our last videos of course ! It’s always a real pleasure to meet people that share the same passion…





After all these fly fishing images in our heads, we had to fish ! At the end of the day, Benoit lent us his rod for few minutes before he had to leave. Just enough time to catch a trout for Jérémy and me, we couldn’t end this weekend in a better way !




Mathias_Briquemont_1680_0493    Mathias_Briquemont_1680_0473 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_0469 Mathias_Briquemont_1680_0467       Coyolles-Risefest-8 Coyolles-Risefest-7 Coyolles-Risefest-6 Coyolles-Risefest-5 Coyolles-Risefest-4 Coyolles-Risefest-3

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