Like every year in March, trout fishing starts. We are always very excited to go back to the river and to catch our first fish on the fly.

It’s certainly not the best period for fly fishing but if you know well the river you are going to fish and the best times of the day, there are always few fish to hook !


This year, the Rodtrip boys were fishing separately for most of them. Here are their stories of the D-Day.

Mathias and Jérémy : 

For us, the Satuday it’s mostly meeting with friends, eat and have a good drink close to the fire. With the cold wind, the fire and the hot wine are our best catches of the day.


The Sunday, we decided to fish the Lesse & Lomme stretches. The waters are icy and the trout aren’t really active. But the fishing gods were with us ! 😉

We will catch some beautiful browns in nymph. The temperatures will rise soon and we should have more fun at fishing in the coming weeks…



I was looking forward to this season’s opening for quite a while. Me and my friend arrived on Friday and did a quick tour of the river to see the conditions. The river was quite high as suspected, but the water was very clear due to the lack of rain.


On Saturday morning we started off really early. My first fish of the season was a nice chub. Followed by some small brown trout and a occasional grayling. In the afternoon and many casts later I caught my best fish of my opening weekend, a nice fat brown, it took the pheasant tail jig on the dropper and have me a nice run for my money.. 🙂


Ambience, nice food and drinks, being out on the water again, some nice fish caught, that’s how an opening weekend on the river is supposed to be.


My opening, I think I won’t forget it so soon. It’s the first time in 10 years that I plan to do it on a different stretch of the river. Usually I fish the lower part of the Vesdre, this year I plan to fish more up stream. Like every time, I don’t sleep, I imagine the first casts and first fish of the year.

I wake up really early, I’ve loaded the car the day before, a quick coffee and it’s time to go.

Strangely, from afar, I realize that the car has moved… I get closer… I’m right… my car has been hit during the night, it has moved back of 30cm and the windshield is completely destroyed. The result is pretty clear, no opening for me, I am disgusted.


I’ll spend the day on the phone with the mechanic & the police. The investigation reveals that a truck collided with my car… and… he left, damn !

I hope that the season will be better than this catastrophic start and that the rivers will be generous…


Jeff and Johan :

Poor guy’s, they didn’t fish for the opening.


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