Our Rodtrip team really enjoys an adventure which can be done by any flyfisher, young or old, on a budget or not.

Pike fishing really is such an adventure. It is as enjoyable as unpredictable. Men say it’s a fish of a thousand casts, but we found out, you can catch those water wolves on a regular basis.

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Our team consists of young talented fly fishing addicts who really can catch the most difficult trout where other guys gave up some time ago. I, take rather care of our pike fishing in Holland.

On our first Rodtrip in the Netherlands, where we stayed at our favorite lodge which has pike in their private garden, I only caught one pike in that weekend, it was a big one which hit my fly at my feet, when waiting for Xavier to pass by.


Was it luck, or was it karma ? Let’s say anyone can catch a pike with a fly, as long as you’re able to get that streamer in front of it’s nose. And believe me, all of our team caught more pike in front of our feet , than we’ve caught at 30 yards out.


Since than our catch rate grows season per season, and also the size of our quarry gets bigger.

This season I hit an average between 8 and 15 pike per day, and amongst them, some really nice ones too !
Of course, I also endured a really hard day with only a single take, but happily, this only happened once this season.


The first day of our Rodtrip team weekend in the Dutch ‘polders’, I landed 13 pike. That day we consistently hit the waters with five flyfishers , you can imagine the pressure we put on those fish wasn’t quite light, but we landed in two days about 70 pike, on well known waters.


Pike fishing also equals adventure and exploring many miles of water. We really apply ‘speed fishing’, we search for telltale spots, make maximum three casts , and go to the next spot. We’ve learned in the last three years, that pike will hit your fly at the first cast.


We think it’s better to fish really fast, and why not, cover a promising spot for a second time a couple of hours later, when returning to the car.


So were we lucky last season ? Or did we crack the code ?

Let’s say we think a lot about our fishing, and really explore all aspects of fishing this voracious predator.

As you can see, all fishing is about trying, failure, analyzing, trying again, and suddenly understand how those magnificent waterwolves want to chase and eat your flies.

Enjoy !

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