At the end of May we visited the Fly Fair in Holland.

This year it was being held at a brand new location, namely the trout fishery Berenkuil in Putten.

A place that is centrally located in the Netherlands and is easily accessible from all directions.


It was a wonderful fair with a variety of national and international participants.

Around and between the trout ponds there were a lot of white tents in which the stores/brands and other organizations were located.



There was also a large tent in which national and international fly tiers were showing their tips and tricks.


Casting instructors were showing their skills and helping fellow fishermen to improve their casting.

There was also a good selection of retailers and wholesalers present to entice visitors with their attractive fly-fishing products to buy.

In one of the tents our friend Geo was showing of his pikefly tying skills, of course wearing a Rodtrip hoodie !


In the big tent one could also see various artisans in action including split cane fly rod builders, reel makers, leader making, etc..

Of course, you could also join in various lectures and workshops during the Fly Fair.

We had a fantastic time and will be back next edition !

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