The second edition of the Pike Challenge is now over, we expected really tough fishing but our really brave and skilled competitors did the job !

The total number of pikes was lower than last year but in general they have caught bigger fish. Saddly, no meter+ but we can proudly mention pikes of 94, 95 & 96cm.

This last one was hooked by David Di Marco and brought him the biggest fish’s trophy.

Rodtrip Pike Challenge Bambois
In general it was again a great success and we are happy and proud to organize such an event in Belgium. You can be sure that there will be a third edition…

We might change the way we do it to be able to accept more competitors, we have some ideas but nothing is decided yet…


The last thing I would like to say is thank you !

  • Thanks to all the participants who brought their good mood during the day,
  • Thanks to our sponsors who made this event possible : Vision, FlyScene, Jacquet-Pêche, Smartlures and Partridge of Redditch,
  • Thanks to the lake of Bambois for being such a great place,
  • Thanks to the guys of the Rodtrip team & friends who are always available to help…

Here are the results, congratulations to all the teams, the fight for the top 3 has been rough !



Team VPN
753 points
2 MFFDT 629 points
3 Bambois 462 points
4 Pike hunters 144 points
5 Predator Fly Fishing 124 points
6 Ruten Raus 119 points
7 JoJacq 107 points
8 Streamer team 0 points
9 Pikepocket 0 points


First pictures

Here is a small selection of photos taken during the event, more pictures will be posted on our Facebook page this week.

mathias_briquemont_1680_3371 mathias_briquemont_1680_3372 mathias_briquemont_1680_3382 mathias_briquemont_1680_3386 mathias_briquemont_1680_3389 mathias_briquemont_1680_3400 mathias_briquemont_1680_3407 mathias_briquemont_1680_3433 mathias_briquemont_1680_3438  mathias_briquemont_1680_3492 mathias_briquemont_1680_3499 mathias_briquemont_1680_3510 mathias_briquemont_1680_3524 mathias_briquemont_1680_3530 mathias_briquemont_1680_3567 mathias_briquemont_1680_3593 mathias_briquemont_1680_3613 mathias_briquemont_1680_3622 mathias_briquemont_1680_3657  mathias_briquemont_1680_3671 mathias_briquemont_1680_3674 mathias_briquemont_1680_3677 mathias_briquemont_1680_3679 mathias_briquemont_1680_3682 mathias_briquemont_1680_3684 mathias_briquemont_1680_3685 mathias_briquemont_1680_3687 mathias_briquemont_1680_3690mathias_briquemont_1680_0645 mathias_briquemont_1680_0664  mathias_briquemont_1680_0720 mathias_briquemont_1680_0734 mathias_briquemont_1680_0737 mathias_briquemont_1680_0738 mathias_briquemont_1680_0741


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