The last few weeks I have been tying my flies using the all-new HookBobbin.

It just looks like another bobbin holder, same old same old, you might think. Well, this one has a few new, unique features I hadn’t seen before.

The HookBobbin is a patented adjustable tension bobbin holder with two retractable hooks built in, which allow you to quickly and easily roll a dubbing or any other material like CDC fibers around the shaft of a hook without the need for a separate dubbing twister.

It was invented and is made in France in the Alsace region using components coming from USA, Switzerland, Japan and France. This can assure us we get a very high quality tool. So this product is actually “Two in one”.

It replaces a normal bobbin holder and a dubbing twister. Hidden in the main body of the bobbin holder there are two thin wire hooks that can be pulled out to add a twister tool to this device.

Another feature is that he tip is interchangeable. This means that you choose between a stainless steel tip for thicker tying threads and an add-on glass tip for thinner, finer threads.

HookBobbin also features a drag tension mechanism. You can adjust tension on the thread by turning a little knob on the side. Any Uni, UTC, Veevus spool will fit.

At first use, forming the loop and adding the dubbing between the 3 threads can be a bit fiddly. But I assure you practice will help. You can definitely win some tying time by using this method.

Price point is at 39 euro, and can be ordered at

Official presentation video

If you like the Hookbobbin, you also might be interested by the CDC Folder, an other tool they have developed and released recently.

We have tried it and the only thing we can say is that it does the job ! For only 10€, it’s really a must have tool.


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