The fourth day of our stay, is eternalised in my mind. We decided to fish a bigger lake today, on which we did quite well last year.

In this lake, depths vary a lot, with shallows, drop-offs, and deep zones. Entering a zone with 5m of water underneath our Keepers, I spot baitfish with bigger spots of probably pike. Giving the depth, I quickly mount my Vision Bottom Express fly line, and attach a big tube fly, which I give a slow rolly polly.

After some 20 minutes in this zone, I get some really small taps on the fly… I reckon this is a good sign from a pike after my fly, I speed up, and a savage take follows ! After a really hard fight, I land a very nice fish of over 90 cm. A pike in perfect condition and really fat… I’m now convinced there are more big fish in this area, and after insisting, 5 minutes later, a second mind blowing take follows.

Another very fit fish gives me some hard time to take the lead. The first time he comes to the surface, I can see it’s a similar fish like the first one. The pike sees me, and takes off in a tremendous rush. I decide to give it maximum pressure, but doing this, I’m unable to turn it and this Irish super strong pike, remembers me of their strength, breaking my rod in two.

I was very lucky, that the line didn’t brake off, and the pike was still on. I was able to get it in with a half Big Daddy rod, the broken part sliding up the line. Now, I’ve broken some rods in my life , but it was the first time the strength of a fish was the reason. We’ve measured this pike at 88 cm, so do take into account that the strength of these pike is a different game if you compare it with pike we catch for example in the polders.

Another memory of a fish I’ll never forget… Oh, did I mention that 30 minutes later a third big pike broke off my stinger , and was ‘one that got away’ ?

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