Some time ago, Gino presented the ‘hook bobbin’, a thread holder which dispenses your thread but also enables you to make a dubbing loop ‘easy style’.

For those who didn’t catch this article, take a look here : HookBobbin article.

Today I’ll talk about the new CDC Folders.

This triangular shaped wooden tool is designed to fold the CDC feathers, to enable you to catch the fibers with ease, so you have it ready to use them in a dubbing loop.

It has machined gaps of different length and depths, so can choose the gap which suits your feathers.

We’ve tested 4 different kind of feathers : CDC, teal, short marabou and normal marabou.

The all worked very nice, except the normal marabou, which didn’t convince me really. I think you’ll need a deeper gap to keep the feather correctly in place.

Perhaps a CDC Folder XXL will be on offer one day, who knows ;)!

The first models were commercialized in natural wood, but the downside of wood was possible damage to the feathers from wooden fibers.

This risk pushed the company to find a solution to this, and they created the same tool in synthetic wood, which also enhances the product’s life time

At first sight, this tool doesn’t look very catchy, but for the mere cost of it (10€), you’ll have very practical and reliable tool for creating your dubbing loops. If you add this tool to a Hookbobbin, you’ll only need a clip and scissors to start creating dubbing loops with feathers in an easy way.

Product description:

Find out more about this product in this video

You can also find product information by clicking this link

The CDC Folder’s website :


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