When we google for reviews on new materials, rods, reels and accessories, we always tend to ask ourselves: did they really test it or are we watching an unboxing video?

That’s why we decided to take out the new Vision XO rod for more than just a swing in our backyard: we took it with us for a full trout season.

Last year Vision came up with a whole new series of high standard fly-rods, something rather new knowing that they never really placed themselves in the more upper class level of the market.

At first sight it has the looks of an upper class product, with all the great details in all the right places, delivered in a superb tube and sleeve and coming with a decent warranty.

The beautiful nordic birch – aluminium reel seat, top class cork handle, titanium covered guides and nano resin finish almost even made it love at first sight, but we stopped believing in that ever since Scarlett Johansson married twice without even considering us.

The XO 10 ft 4WT was the model we chose to take out for some European nymphing, dry fly fishing and lightweight wets. A lot of fly addicts out there would tend to think that such a long rod isn’t designed for a full day of fishing, leaving you with a painful arm and a stiff neck.

But the XO rods are real lightweights, with its 81 grams this 10 ft model really amazes you at the first cast.

When we started fly fishing a long time ago and dreamt out loud about this or that rod, there was always some fly-fishing Yoda around telling us that casting and presentation were the fruit of practice, experience and knowing your gear – not the result of spending money.

But we have to admit that combining this experience with a well made product, gives you a unique and sensational feeling of comfort while fishing. And that’s exactly what we experienced fishing the Vision XO.

It’s “fast progressive” action is exactly what you hope for when casting and drilling both small and big fish. You’ll find it easy to load the rod, meaning you can also choose a 3 weight floating cord or even a 0.58mm ultra light line for nymph fishing.

We even found it rather easy to use the ultra light line for accurate dry fly presentations up to 7 meters away, making it possible to quickly change from a nymph to a dry without needing to change the reel.

The rather nervous tip section allows you some easy mending and permits the use of long leaders for European nymphing. And the 10 ft length turned out to be excellent for smaller and low midsummer rivers too, offering a more discrete approach on short distance fishing.

One of the only negative features about the XO is the lack of a fly holder, obliging you to attach the fly to you reel or one of the guides.

We also had the delight of testing the 8ft 4WT rod, a model that’s especially designed to fish smaller forest streams with just about the same characteristics as the 10ft rod.

We had a blast fishing well sheltered wild browns; putting a dry fly way underneath some low hanging branches can be pure fun, no matter what size the rising fish has. No need to say we’re looking forward to get the 9ft 5WT to the banks asap, as it could be the ideal combo with the 10ft 4WT.

The Vision XO comes in a various amount of lengths and weights: 8 ft 4WT, 9ft 5WT,10ft 3WT, 10ft 4WT, 9ft 6WT, 9.6ft 7WT and a 10ft 7WT. Every rod comes with a 10 year warranty and – since it’s Christmas all year round nowadays – a free XO cap when registering it.

If you can feel our thrills and want to know more, just check out the XO webpage for all the info needed or contact us !

Have a nice 2018 season !

Math & Jerem

More information from the brand’s website :

Rodtrip video featuring the XO rod:




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