Last week I had a day off, and found myself with Nicolas in a new region around Gouda.

The day started quite cold at 3°C, with easter wind, not really what I wished for, but a day fishing is always a good one spent.

Nico had a good fish after only 10’, followed by one I took under a bridge. We both found some nice fish during the morning, and then things slowed down.

Until a good pike chased right next to Nico. And than I saw a boil to the left, and another, and another. I changed angles and was able to hook a good pike. We suddenly found ourselves in the right place on the right time.

Nico made a cast and hooked a good one, I made my cast and hooked also one : two fish in one net… We cast again, and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we both hooked again a pike in the same place at the same time.

Four fish in less than 5’ ! To make a long story short : we took 9 fish in that spot ! We’re even more convinced that you should insist in a spot where you’ve caught a pike.

As days are really short, we ended around 16h30 our Rodtrip, and made up the balance : 9 pike for me, and 8 for Nicolas. And we both lost a couple, so we went back home, and had some good Belgian fries !

We’ll soon be back for more : )


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