An adventure started in 2012

It took me several months to launch Rodtrip. I took advantage of the train-to-work journey to work on the concept and the website.

Once the whole thing was ready to be unveiled, I spread the word and the adventure began. Quickly, a bunch of like minded guys joined me in.

In no time, we have become a real family... over the years we have had countless unforgettable moments and I hope it will never stop.

Within Rodtrip, we are trying to defend certain values and ideas:

  Promote flyfishing in Belgium & all over the world

  Produce quality photos & videos 

  Meet great people and share our passion

  Beeing one with nature and live unforgettable adventures


Our Team - Addicted fly fishermen

Mathias Briquemont


Mathias, founder of Rodtrip, has been a fishing addict since he was a child. Photographer and professional graphic designer, he has succeeded in combining all his passions in this project. Above all, he loves wide open spaces, good times by the fire and always finds the fly that will make the difference. He enjoys all techniques as long as it is fly fishing and as he is accompanied by his fly brother Jeremy.

Jérémy Habran


Jeremy is an other unconditional of the group, he's the guy who remembers all those little moments spent together, every fly, every spot and every fish! Always ready to share his experiences, he gets up and goes to bed thinking about fishing (ask his girlfriend...). Like Mathias, he enjoys as much sight fishing for trout as dry flyfishing for chub or hunting pike in polders.

Johan Demesmaekerj

The Father

Johan is the guy who makes improbable flies but hits with them... he's going to change the way you see flyfishing! He's a pike addict and once in his bubble, nothing can stop him. He always takes these good old pajamas in his suitcase, but above all, a good bottle of wine. He likes to take care of us and organize our expeditions, that's probably why we call him "Papajo"... he's the father of our little family.

Romain Angiulli

The cranky

Romain brings a bit more craziness into our adventures. Impossible to miss a party with him and you won't regret it 😉 ! You must also admit that he is an excellent fisherman, trout or pike, he often makes the difference !


Huge thanks to our occasional contributors who also help us a lot :  Nicolas Naveaux, Jeff Otte, Gino Cozijns and all the other guys who've already helped us in the past !

Frequently asked questions

We always need some help during our events… or you can also support us by buying our (awesome) apparels !
Ahah, good question ! Yes probably, but we don't know when yet 😉
Yes of course, we always try to reply to people who contact us and help them, but keep in mind that we are not a travel agency 😉 !
Yes it's possible, if you want to promote your destination or product on our website/social networks, please contact us !
Yes, photography, design and video are part of our full time job so you are at the right place !

Can I join Rodtrip ?

We don't recrute any new members currently but you could become a contributor and if things go well, who knows what can happen ;). At the end it's more a matter of friendship and passion…