Teaser flyfishing film for pike in the Dutch polders with Rodtrip & Le Mouching.

For some years now, our pics about pike fishing in the polders were making our French friends from Le Mouching crazy. So last November Jeremy, Romain & Johan took them on a pike journey.

Needless to say we had a lot of fun and friendship, learning how to fish these special drainages, and some good shooting despite very bad weather conditions.

Want to see how we did, or to discover some succesful flies we use ? Just take a look at this teaser.

To see the entire movie, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Just keep an eye on our websites @Rodtrip and @LeMouching.

Click on the link bellow:


Always insist on a spot when you catch a first pike !

Last week I had a day off, and found myself with Nicolas in a new region around Gouda.

The day started quite cold at 3°C, with easter wind, not really what I wished for, but a day fishing is always a good one spent.

Nico had a good fish after only 10’, followed by one I took under a bridge. We both found some nice fish during the morning, and then things slowed down.

Until a good pike chased right next to Nico. And than I saw a boil to the left, and another, and another. I changed angles and was able to hook a good pike. We suddenly found ourselves in the right place on the right time.

Nico made a cast and hooked a good one, I made my cast and hooked also one : two fish in one net… We cast again, and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we both hooked again a pike in the same place at the same time.

Four fish in less than 5’ ! To make a long story short : we took 9 fish in that spot ! We’re even more convinced that you should insist in a spot where you’ve caught a pike.

As days are really short, we ended around 16h30 our Rodtrip, and made up the balance : 9 pike for me, and 8 for Nicolas. And we both lost a couple, so we went back home, and had some good Belgian fries !

We’ll soon be back for more : )